Novo Nordisk Hemophilia HCP Email Program: 15 Email Screenshots

Brand: Novo Nordisk Hemophilia (n/a), Intravenous Infusion
Parent Company: Novo Nordisk
Drug Type: Prescription
Drug Category: Hematology
Campaign: Post-Launch
Targeting: HCPs
Patient Website:
HCP Website:

  • Some emails were resent 1 week later if unopened
  • Some emails were reused months later
  • Some email had a different subject line when resent/reused
  • Average time between emails: 11 days

Subject lines:

1. A history of demonstrated hemophilia leadership
2. A hemophilia treatment for use on the go
3. Would you recognize acquired hemophilia, a rare but potentially fatal disorder?
4. How does prior authorizations affect your patients?
5. More patients are switching to this standard half-life rFVIII
6. What reliable, standard half-life rFVIII are more patients switching to? [Same email as #5]
7. Review the results of a study on recombinant FVIII treatment
8. Looking for a treatment for patients with CHwI
9. Help Your Patients Keep Track of Their Treatment
10. Meet his needs for portable hemophilia treatment.
11. Did you know Novo Nordisk offers patient support?
12. Do patients have concerns about hemophilia treatment?
13. For patients who want a hemophilia treatment engineered for recombinant safety
14. Help him reach his goals with support from Novo Nordisk.
15. Save your inhibitor patients time with this effective treatment
16. Time to reconsider his treatment for hemophilia A?