Xolair’s Lightly Branded YouTube Campaign and Channel

Brand: Xolair (omalizumab), Injection
Parent Company: Novartis
Drug Type: Prescription
Drug Category: Multiple Indications/Therapeutic Areas
Campaign: Post-Launch
Targeting: Patients, Caregivers
Patient Website: http://www.xolair.com/
HCP Website: http://www.xolair.com/ciu/hcp/

Channel’s primary video, Welcome to a YouTube Channel About Chronic Hives With No Known Cause, does a great job capturing people’s attention in about 5 seconds, which is perfect for a pre-roll. With over 9.5MM views as of March 2017, this video clearly serves as the primary ad for the channel. It invites people to explore others’ video stories within the channel—all seemingly in unbranded format. However, Xolair’s important safety information is embedded throughout the video—communicating the brand name only to the most engaged viewers.

We put together a post about pharmaceutical brands on YouTube (https://oncedailypharma.com/2016/pharma-brands-on-youtube). Check it out!