Tecfidera Expandable HCP Banner Ads (Neurology Times placement)

Brand: Tecfidera (dimethyl fumarate), Capsules
Parent Company: Biogen
Drug Type: Prescription
Drug Category: Immunology
Campaign: Post-Launch
Targeting: HCPs
Patient Website: http://www.tecfidera.com/
HCP Website: https://www.tecfiderahcp.com/

Tecfidera expandable roll-over banner ad is a nice example of simple, yet effective distribution of video content and gives HCPs opportunity to engage with the content without leaving the publication’s website. If you’re interested, click through to watch the full video.

As CTR for standard/animated banner ads continues to drop (now as low as 0.05% for Health Conditions category), it’s a good idea to consider rich media, expandable ads and focus on interaction rate instead—without expecting a click (Google benchmarks it at 1.67% in the past 12 months).