Zembrace Unbranded Banner Ad (Email Placement)

Brand: Zembrace SymTouch (sumatriptan), Autoinjector
Parent Company: Promius Pharma
Drug Type: Prescription
Drug Category: Neurology
Campaign: Unbranded
Targeting: Patients, Caregivers
Patient Website: http://www.zembrace.com/
HCP Website: http://www.zembrace.com/hcp

In line with the digital pharma banner ad regulations, Zembrace took advantage of the Migraine.com eNewletter placement to guide visitors from the unbranded ad to the branded patient website.

Let’s break it down:

  • Company is allowed to mention “injectable migraine treatment,” since they’re NOT the only ones who’d fall under this category (Botox also treats migraines—although chronic—and is an injection)
  • If Zembrace was the sole “injectable migraine treatment,” this ad would not be following regulations and would be considered branded by the OPDP

How can this ad be improved?

  • “Click here” [and even “learn more”] isn’t a strong call to action and not recommended by the usability experts; therefore ad could be improved by stating exactly what visitors will learn about on the landing page
  • There’s no compelling reason to click on the ad, especially considering that many patients might be scared of the injectables. Perhaps, supplement with an offer: “Can injectable migraine treatment be right for you? [Start your assessment >]”

Refresh your knowledge: see our digital pharma banner ads cheat sheet.