Abilify Maintena Caregiver Email Program: 8 Email Screenshots

Brand: Abilify Maintena (aripiprazole), Injectable Suspension
Parent Company: Otsuka
Drug Type: Boxed Warning
Drug Category: Psychiatry/Psychology
Campaign: Post-Launch
Targeting: Caregivers
Patient Website: https://www.abilifymaintena.com/
HCP Website: https://www.abilifymaintenahcp.com/

  • Same email creative is reused with alternative subject lines
  • Average number of days between emails: 11

Subject lines are as follows:

1. You asked for treatment option information.
2. Topics to keep in mind when talking to your loved one’s doctor
3. Some questions for your loved one’s doctor.
4. Ask your loved one’s doctor about treatment options.
5. A treatment option that may help your loved one
6. Hear an inspiring story from a real care partner
7. Are you exploring treatment options for your loved one?
8. Has your loved one started a new treatment?